Orphaned at eleven, Alexia, the hero of the story, embarks on a quest to find the truth of her past. Throughout the story, Alexia begins to realize that the secret she sought to hide may be the key to her survival.



David’s twin and Ryan’s love interest, Victoria is the most valued reader in the Circle. Heavily protected by the Council, Victoria is trusted to handle confidential endeavors.


Twin brother to Shane, Sawyer is a capable but quiet reader who tries to help Alexia strengthen her powers.



Twin brother and polar opposite of Sawyer, Shane is a boisterous trickster who sometimes lets his outgoing persona impact his success in missions.



A strong reader and unrequited love interest of Jackie, Gavin is fiercely loyal to the Circle and willing to risk his life for those he loves.



Readers' Favorite 5 star book. From USA Today, Washington Post, Amazon Charts and Goodreads Best Fiction Finalist bestselling author and a group of young adult writers comes an exhilarating new YA series. 

Abandoned at eleven with no memory of her family, Alexia seeks her true identity. Under the new government’s regime, sixteen year-olds are evaluated for their desire to harm others. Throughout the test, Alexia struggles to conceal her psychic ability to read the past and future of anyone she touches. When her secret is revealed, Alexia is taken to an island where other highly skilled agents and readers like her train to survive.

As Alexia gains more control over her abilities, she desperately tries to piece together her elusive past. In her quest for the truth, Alexia’s loyalties are tested when forced to make an impossible choice between those she loves and the family she can’t remember.

A spell-binding adventure of friendship, love, unforeseen twists and learning that our most dangerous enemies are often the people we trust the most. A captivating novel filled with forbidden romance and shocking betrayals that demands the question –

Can One Decision Determine Your Destiny?